Well, where to begin?

Nepal is well known as a Shangri La for those seeking adventure and high altitudes. This world wide reputation is well deserved because in Nepal you can involve yourself in unrivalled:


Nepal Mountain ClimbingNepal boasts the worlds highest peak, Mt. Everest, as well as 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world. The Himalayas, or abode of snows, with all their majesty and splendour have meant that Nepal as a special place in the world of mountaineering. As the roof of the world, Nepal is the perfect destination for those seeking adventure at the top of the highest peeks.



Nepal TrekkingThe mountainous and hilly terrain of Nepal make it unbeatable when it comes to trekking. Whether it be through the Annapurnas, Everest region or remote areas such as Mustang on the Tibetan border, your trek will take you through a diverse mixture of landscapes, peoples and wildlife.



Nepal RaftingNepal has earned a reputation for being one of the world's best rafting destinations. There are a series of routes for absolute beginners and an abundance of rivers routes for those experienced rafters after serious adventure.




Kayaking in NepalNepal is blessed with a fantastic diversity of rivers and therefore there is a river to suit every level of paddler. Exploring Nepal's rivers via kayak is the perfect way to reach those pristine areas of untouched beauty and cultural fascination.



Mountain biking

Mountain Biking in NepalFor many people, a mountain bike is the perfect way to explore the varied landscapes of Nepal, from the heights of the Himalayas to the subtropical plains, mountain biking routes to suit all levels will open up parts of Nepal to you that few get to see.


Paragliding in NepalIf you want to experience commanding views of the Himalayas and the worlds highest peak with all the freedom of a bird, then paragliding in Nepal offers you opportunities that nowhere else can.



Helicopter flights

HelicopterA helicopter flight through the Himalayas is an exhilarating way to observe the dramatic landscape below you. The small size of a helicopter makes them perfect for accessing those remoter parts of Nepal with the ultimate in flexibility.



Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air BallooningFor similar views, but at a gentler pace, why not take a hot air balloon ride. Usually taking off from Kathmandu, superb and unique views of the whole Kathmandu valley are only experienced through a hot air balloon.



Bird Watching

Bird WatchingNepal boasts 848 species of recorded birds. Every year many different species migrate to Nepal from Tibet, Siberia and China. Bird watching is possible everywhere in Nepal, from the mountains, hills, valleys and plains there enough diversity to entertain the most avid of birdwatchers. Birdlife International has identified 27 Important Bird Areas in Nepal, and the country has been identified as a major centre for the burgeoning birdwatching tourism industry. There are of course hundreds more areas which are great for birdwatching, why not combine a trek with spotting some truly amazing bird-life?


Flora Tours

Flora in NepalNepal's landscape means that its biodiversity is unsurpassed. There are ideal conditions for flowers to grow and such is their uniqueness of Nepal's geo-climatic features that some orchids and rhododendron are only found in Nepal. Along with bird watching, flora tours are an important facet in responsible eco-tourism that is making great progress in conserving Nepal's outstanding natural habitat.



Elephant Polo in NepalThe wide and diverse range of actives on offer in Nepal extends to sport. Aside from golf and cricket, Nepal is one of the word major centres of elephant polo! With the World Championships regularly being held in Chitwan.




FishingIs not always something associated with Nepal, however its lakes and rivers are fantastic for anglers. The Karnali river and Babal Valley are especially suited for fishing trips.





Golf CourseIn Nepal is different to golf anywhere else in the world. Golf courses such as the Gokarna Forest Golf Course and the Annapurna Golf course are internationally renowned course set against an amazing Himalayan backdrop.




Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping in NepalAbout 4 hours from Kathmandu and close to the border with Tibet one has the opportunity to jump from a bridge of 160 meters into a tropical gorge and just above the wild Bhote Kosi river. The bride that one leaps from has been specifically designed for bungee jumping and offers the ultimate in thrill seeking.



SkiingIt may seem beyond the realms of possibility, but being flown in by helicopter to ski the worlds highest and most visually stunning mountain range is a reality in Nepal. Himalayan Heli Ski Guides are the company that provide an unrivalled experience that will not fail to exhilarate even the most hardy of adventure enthusiasts.


Health Spa

SpaImagine enjoying the luxury of a spa treatment while looking out at the beautiful snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Imagine breathing in the crisp, fresh air and feeling invigorated while enjoying a relaxing message. These are the sort of things you can enjoy if you choose to visit one of the Nepal health spas available in the country.



Speaking of unique, Nepal is one of very few places left in the world where you can see the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic rhino at one of many internationally renowned natural and wildlife parks. Take an elephant safari through the diverse jungle of the Terai and see for yourself some of natures most magnificent and rare creations. There are over 800 species of birds in Nepal, making it one of the world's prime bird-watching locations. Popular National Parks and Wildlife Reserves where you can come face to face with tigers and rhinos include: Chitwan National Park, Sargamatha National Park, Bardia National Park, Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

Chitwan, Elephant Ride

Chitwan, Elephant Ride

An Elephant Taking a Bath

An Elephant Taking a Bath

A Yak Herd in the Himalayas

A Yak Herd in the Himalayas



Shopping in Nepal is enjoyable experience in itself and provides a great opportunity for the traveller to take home a part of Nepali culture. The mesmerising range of products on offer represent the diversity of such an enchanting land. From fresh and aromatic spices and tea to Newari wood crafts, there is something for everyone. Most popular, and understandably so, is the pashmina. These soft and elegant shawls are a speciality of Nepal and highly sought after. It is also possible to buy the famous Tibetan wool-carpets, fabulous thangkhas (Buddhist paintings), rare jewellery, traditional Nepali paper products and lots lots more.

A Thanka Painting

A Thanka Painting

Nepal's Famous Pashmina

Nepal's Famous Pashmina



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